We are a small, local real estate investment company specializing in affordable rental housing in the Asheville area. We also do traditional "flips," so there is no site-built house in Buncombe County too big, too small, too pretty or too ugly for us to consider making an offer on. We also consider homes outside Buncombe that have good vacation rental potential.

While we cannot match the price you would earn with a few months of marketing and negotiating efforts, we can simplify the process and pay cash for your house in as little as 5 days, and no more than 7 days from the time we agree on a price. We offer tremendous flexibility in sales terms and move-out times. So if you need time to move, or are currently shopping for another home and want to make a solid downpayment with the sale of your current home, we can make it happen for you. We also purchase with owner financing, in case you want to turn an unwanted home into a steady income stream for the future.

Home inspections for traditional sales can be a ghastly nightmare, sucking thousands of dollars out of the sale price and adding weeks or months of headache to the closing process. Major finds such as water and termite damage, septic and plumbing issues, and high radon gas levels are quite common, and often stop sales completely. We understand these risks and are ready for them, so we can buy your house as-is, saving you the hassle of fixing or replacing big-ticket items to bring your home to its full potential. That's our job, and we take it seriously . Have a look at some of our finished properties - we're proud of our work, and our tenants are happy in their homes.

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